Varsity Eight at Long Beach State Duel
Hope Wilkinson
Racing to victory in Major Seibert Cup

Men's Rowing

Mens Rowing win Major Seibert Cup for 2018!

UCLA open the 2018 Collegiate Racing season with a win in the duel versus Long Beach State.

The UCLA Men's Rowing Varsity Eight stormed off the start line to record its first Duel Victory for the season, by beating Long Beach State over a 2.5 mile course at the Long Beach Marine Stadium.

Varsity Eights from UCLA and Long Beach State have been dueling for the Major Seibert Cup dating way back to 1963. This year they incorporated the Duel into the Long Beach Rowing Association Bay Series Head Race. Both Varsity Eight crews started side by side at the front of the large fleet of entries. The UCLA Varsity Eight used the vast experience of stroke seat Dominic Pardini to open up a dominant lead over Long Beach State on the perfect conditions of the opening straight. Other crew members back from previous seasons are Peter Frederick, Zach Alter and Zack Kline. Making their successful debut for the Varsity Boat were Adela Armstrong-Spielberg, Julio Alvarado, John Kinnear, Trevor Phillips and Alan McIvor.
Starting behind the duel, and in amongst the overall Bay Series Head Race were the UCLA 2nd Varsity eight, the UCLA Varsity Lightweight Eight, the UCLA Novice Eight, a UCLA Varsity Double and UCLA coach, Brendan McEwan in his single.

Head Coach Simon Hoadley stated. "It was a very promising first outing, and the day gave the team a chance to demonstrate the progress they have made this season. Long Beach State are respected rivals who were great hosts, so it was good to be able to compete with them for the day. I am always pleased when we bring home cups for the trophy cabinet, and now our team have to look ahead to the next race and stay hungry for more speed."

The next race is the duel against Loyola Marymount University on the 10th February.

Results and Lineups
UCLA Varsity Eight.   14:00.3.
1st Place overall. Winners of Major Seibert Cup
Adela Armstrong-Spielberg, Dominic Pardini, Zack Kline, Peter Frederick, Trevor Phillips, Zach Alter, Julio Alvarado, Alan McIvor, John Kinnear

UCLA 2nd Varsity Eight.   14:36.0
2nd Place overall (1st place in class)
Kate Hirth, Jeremy Onofrei, Sean Pierce, Chase Bakkeby, Troy Harding, Matt Horner, Ben Koch, Matt King, Jon Yen

UCLA Varsity Lightweight Eight.   15:25.8
3rd Place overall (1st in class)
Pippa Spindel, Harrison Zilli, Andrew Selius, Tyler Miao, Nathan Cheung, Calvin Huynh, Paul Chung, Matthew Leung, Andrew Nakamura

UCLA Novice Eight.   16:18.6
6th Place overall (1st in class)
Brandon Bettinger, Noah Crousore, Zack Ferrin, Daniel Lu, Emmanuel Velasquez, Nicholas Zemlin, Kii Kellerman, Adam Kaba, Austin Chang

UCLA Varsity Double.   17:45.1
12th Place overall (2nd in class)
Rhodri John, Mark Replogle

UCLA Coach Single   16:33.4
7th Place Overall (1st in class)
Brendan McEwan
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